chakraThe chakra system is of the utmost importance in energy healing and body work. Today let’s start at the base chakra, also known as the root chakra or muladhara.
It is often depicted as a red auric light. Located at the base of your spine. In essence it represents security, survival instinct and grounding. Balancing this chakra can give energy to the physical body and aide in controlling your fears. The crystals associated with the root chakra are Obsidian, Ruby, Onyx, Garnet and most other stones that have a red or earthy component.
One reverbrational sound associated with unblocking the Chakra is “EEEE”. The note associated is C and some chant the sound Lam.
The root chakra is generally rather strong and benefits more from physical unblocking such as very grounding and basing yoga exercises. Some simple ones to start with are “the mountain pose, warrior 1 and bridge pose”.
Visualisations of grounding your feet in the earth and also picturing a red lotus or red spiralling energy radiating through your pace can also be helpful.
My favourite affirmations when focussing on the root chakra are ” I am safe, I am grounded, i am connected to the earth and all that is”. I often visualise my feet in the soil or earth and feel the affects of the stability of Mother Earth running through me.

Food for Balancing the Root Chakra

Food for balancing the root chakra include root vegetables such as beets, carrots and ginger. Also red foods, apples, strawberries and red cabbage are great.
Essential oils you can use for grounding include sandalwood,rosewood, cedar, rosemary, ginger, cloves and black pepper.
My personal favourite is getting out into a really earthy area. Somewhere you can walk and sit amongst the trees. I will often dig my feet into the ground, base my self and extend my spine. Opening up my chest and mind to the surroundings. I inhale deeply. Filling my body with the fresh air. I love when it has that earthy or just rained on smell.