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Relieving Lower back and hip pain with Psoas release

Relieving Lower back and hip pain with Psoas release   The Psoas Muscles are the primary connector muscles between your torso and legs... making all general movement possible, whether it be walking, sitting, playing sports or even just standing un assisted. The Psoas muscle affects your posture and stabilises your spine. Weak Psoas muscles can [...]

Relieving Lower back and hip pain with Psoas release2020-11-03T16:45:48+11:00

” Heart Chakra Healing”

Ahhhh on the mighty Heart.... This incredible magnetic and energetic muscle, organ , energy centre and embodied/radiator of love.... Oh my what an amazing and powerful part of our human bodies you are our beautiful heart. Im not Hindu, well... I'm uncategorised to be honest. However I do feel the vibrational frequency of the heart. [...]

” Heart Chakra Healing”2016-04-12T17:44:30+10:00


We offer training, mentoring, courses and retreats in Heartworks Lomi Lomi and Ka Huna Bodywork/ Massage. Bodywork & massage sessions are also available.

Upcoming Retreats

  1. Heartworks Lomi Lomi Lvl 1 Massage Retreat/Course

    April 23 @ 3:00 pm - April 26 @ 5:00 pm
  2. Dynamic Breathwork & Meditation Course

    May 6 @ 7:00 pm - June 17 @ 8:00 pm
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