Wind & Water Lomi Lomi Massage level 2, 3 day course

Aloha amazing people.... Are you ready to take your massage skills to new heights? Calling forth more flow into your massage therapy offerings and wellness into life? This incredible Wind & Water Lomi Lomi Massage 4 day course with Awen Massage Therapy is filled to the brim with Aloha, Flow and incredibly nurturing techniques. Including [...]

Wind & Water Lomi Lomi Massage level 2, 3 day course2022-01-05T10:36:11+11:00

Assisted Stretching and Floor Massage Workshop

Assisted Stretching and Floor Massage workshop We invite you to Join us for an Assited Stretching and Floor Massage workshop at 3-6pm  on Sunday 18th of April. This workshop is perfect for Massage therapists looking to add to their skill sets, training partners, couples and friends who would like to learn some incredibly beneficial Floor [...]

Assisted Stretching and Floor Massage Workshop2021-03-09T19:35:17+11:00

Great Spirit Lomi Lomi Massage Lvl 4

Great Spirit Lomi Lomi Massage Lvl 4   Have you been looking for more movement, fire  and oomph in your massage sessions? Possibly  been finding that to offer massage consistently can feel fatiguing and exhaustive? I have created The Great Spirit Massage Course and Retreat Based upon the energising and transformational powers of fire and [...]

Great Spirit Lomi Lomi Massage Lvl 42018-06-28T10:52:21+10:00

” Lomi Lomi Massage course July ’16 “

Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage Course A hands on learning experience in Fullbody massage and Hawaiian healing with Lomi Lomi massage accreditation   A weekend of Lomi Lomi massage... A journey into self Awarness and a skill set! Oh My Goodness... What a blast was had on Our Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage course this weekend just gone... [...]

” Lomi Lomi Massage course July ’16 “2016-07-25T13:20:15+10:00

“Looking after your Lymphatic system”

Our mighty Lymphatic system... Warrior like T cells & some tips on making them strong and effective Oh how I love the lymphatic system... Well we all should really... It keeps us alive and healthy. A drainage system for cleansing our bodies of toxins and diseased cells etc. The growth place of our super awesome [...]

“Looking after your Lymphatic system”2016-05-13T19:41:30+10:00

“Lomi Lomi massage adventures”

Aloha beautiful beings Most of you know I've been away accomplishing extensive Lomi Lomi massage training. Not only have I been away working with this absolutely gorgeous massage amongst an incredible group of loving and inspirational people. I also have attained my instructors certificate. Yep, that's right I'm going to also be teaching this delightful [...]

“Lomi Lomi massage adventures”2016-04-12T16:57:49+10:00

” Healing the world, one KaHuna massage at a time”

Introducing " A logo filled with symbolism" As most of you know, I am an extremely intuitive and spiritual person, connected and resonating with all that is. So I belly ached over a logo..... I mean, how on earth could I possibly conceptualise what I feel into a logo right??? Problem solved.... Super Intuitive Tara [...]

” Healing the world, one KaHuna massage at a time”2016-03-29T09:49:05+11:00

“The benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage”

  The Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage & Ka Huna Massage Aloha beautiful souls, Here is a little article on the benefits that my clients have been receiving on regular and maintenance level KaHuna massage. The Testimonials and feedback I have been receiving is so wonderful. I really just wanted to share. x The aim [...]

“The benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage”2017-11-21T11:48:51+11:00

” 9 effects of my KaHuna massage”

I often get asked a lot of questions about the benefits of Ka Huna / Lomi Lomi Massage. So I've popped some down for those of you who are interested in "what Ka Huna and Lomi Lomi Massage massage therapy, can do for you." Please keep in mind that this article is published based on [...]

” 9 effects of my KaHuna massage”2018-08-09T09:25:53+10:00


We offer training, mentoring, courses and retreats in Heartworks Lomi Lomi and Ka Huna Bodywork/ Massage. Bodywork & massage sessions are also available.

Upcoming Retreats

  1. All 3 levels of Lomi Massage Training Consistency Pack

    February 26 @ 3:00 pm - May 1 @ 5:00 pm
  2. Heartworks Lomi Lomi 1, 3 day , live out course

    March 8 @ 9:00 am - March 10 @ 3:00 pm
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