The Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage & Ka Huna Massage

Aloha beautiful souls,

Here is a little article on the benefits that my clients have been receiving on regular and maintenance level KaHuna massage.
The Testimonials and feedback I have been receiving is so wonderful. I really just wanted to share. x

The aim is to reach what your own personal healing.
Getting you to a point of,able pain free movement, shaking off the shackles of fatigue and improving your own life, body and well being. Mentally, physically and on a energetic level also.

So the thing is, I spent hours researching the benefits of massage, regular massage, massage for all sorts of reasons and conditions. I found a massive amount of information, facts and summaries…. And intending to pop something up, or write an article of facts etc for you all….Got me thinking. It’s not so much about all these facts and benefits that I’ve read somewhere else or learnt from courses I’ve done. It’s about what I’m noticing. What are the benefits that my clients are having from ‘my’Kahuna massage. I believe
any sort of practice in these healing therapies are very individual. So I put away the txt books, the links and clips and have put together a little article for you, on the very real benefits that I and my clients are noticing from the massage I am giving.

Ever since I started practicing Kahuna massage, I’ve had massive amounts of feedback on not only the incredible level of relaxation that people reach. But also their increase in energy levels in the following days, healing on immune systems, and profound self realisations plus much more.
The easing of things such as depression and anxiety. The aided recovery from cycling off of drugs such as antidepressants and sleeping tablets. The improvement in sleeping patterns. Clarity and focus for weeks after.
Often people talk of the affects lasting about two weeks. Getting longer and better the more sessions they receive.
This has got me thinking on maintenance of such things.
Some people get a massage as a one off experience but the incredible lifestyle changes I am witnessing return clients make is phenomenal.
I feel utterly blessed and humbled to see Kahuna massage and body work improving peoples lives and wellbeing on so many levels.

A short list of relief that my clients are experiencing.

*pain/stress relief and management.
*muscle relaxation and healing.
*body alignment and stretching.
*lymphatic massage for an improved immune system response.
*reduction in inflammation.
* increased energy levels and wellness.
* clarity, focus and a general feeling of well being.
*release and processing of emotional or traumatic issues.
*greater mobility.
*improved sleeping patterns.
*improvement in mindfulness and meditation practices.
*heightened awareness and states of bliss.


My personal favourite is a quote of my sons “oh mum, you’ve filled me with a million, billion, trillion love hearts”

Above are just a few of the things I’ve received feedback on. And I’m not talking a small amount of feedback. It’s a lot.
The thing I have noticed is that there seems to be about 2 weeks of feeling fully charged and amazing for most. As people return the length of wellness, energy levels and pain reduction are getting longer and longer.I highly recommend fortnightly or monthly Kahuna massage to begin with, for a general healthy state of emotional and physical well being.
Chronic cases may require a weekly appointment for a while. As we work towards getting your body and mind to a state where the sessions can be lessened. The goal is to reach a level that only 4-8 week maintenance session is required. Or when you feel you need another appointment.
It’s more than just a massage. Kahuna becomes a lifestyle. An awareness of self care and nurturing. The importance of processing our daily lives and being kind to ourselves. Mindful and able to live in the present moment.
People become more adapt at this as they practice. And our physical and metaphysical system recalls and relaxes into the deep meditation state of receiving kahuna body work, easier and deeper with each session. As well as maintaining the benefits for longer periods of time.

Kahuna truly is a journey

With love

Testimonials such as these from clients. Continue to blow my mind.

“OMG – The most awesome massage ever by the most amazing & wonderful woman. I will always endeavour to only get my massages from Arwen again….& I live in Sydney. She is worth the travel & the money.
Thank you for everything ❤️”


“I am still feeling so blissful from an extraordinary experience. Arwen, thankyou so much. The massage was relaxing, and rhythmical, I felt like a small child in a completely trusting and joyful state. I just feel so happy, joyful & confident. The use of reiki and positive affirmations created a beautiful energy.
You are a beautiful soul, thankyou for sharing your gift”



“A personalised session tailored to my needs – stretching, massage, energy and empowerment. This session definitely left me in a state of complete calmness despite my busy daily schedule. I highly recommend Arwen for her holistic approach to wellness – mind, body and soul.