Have you ever found yourself singing to the Whales and then be utterly blown away as they sing back?

Thats what this last two weeks has been about for me.

From the gorgeous rocky headlands in Port Stephens I have found myself most evenings drawn to the oceans edge as the Whale migration flows by with leaps and splashes from these exquisite beasts of the Sea…

Feeling complete elation and joy I am certain I can sense their heightened vibration and sometimes begin to sing in tones to them across the sea… low and behold they begin to respond at first with waving fins and tail slaps and then trumpet like tones start reverberate back across the Sea from them to me… I feel the veil between us lift and I can feel them completely.

I sit into the cold dark night until my body quaking tells me to go home for warmth…

After a very fortunate warm shower a little food and our family winds down for the night I hear the sound again and can’t believe it… opening my bedroom window I can hear the Whales singing in the distance… the wind bringing their song across the Sea to my bedroom window… snuggled in my bed and gazing at the stars, listening to the Whales sing, hauntingly beautiful….I don’t know if life can get any better than this.

They hold a resonance and wisdom that can be felt with the heart.

A whale heart beat can be heard and felt within two miles radius under the Sea, each beat takes between 1.5 & 1.8 seconds, When diving deep there can be as few as 2 beats per minute as they slow down oxygen delivery for their huge bodies moving into the depths… a reminder that sometimes when we dive deeply inward we too need to slow right down.

Shifting back up to the surface we can hear the intake of breath as they re-oxygenate their bodily system and their heartbeat increases up to 36 big beats  per minute… that’s 36 x 1.8 second heart beats per minute…. Oxygen flooding their systems, pumped around by their powerful hearts as they leap their enormous bodies out of the Sea realm into the vast  sky…even for a moment followed by expansive splashes as they plunge back into the wintery depths.

Whale wisdoms flooding through me I have been guided to connect with the brain centres in my body and my breath… a Whale breathing meditation has unfurled and now become a daily practice of mine and it brings great clarity and connectivity to my mind and body.

I may consider opening this practice up to the public… let me know if your interested in learning the breath and about the various body brains and Saff can add you to our meditation email notification list.

Big love from the bay