Relieving Lower back and hip pain with Psoas release


The Psoas Muscles are the primary connector muscles between your torso and legs… making all general movement possible, whether it be walking, sitting, playing sports or even just standing un assisted.

The Psoas muscle affects your posture and stabilises your spine.

Weak Psoas muscles can cause other surrounding muscles to overcompensate and become tight, overused or strained.

Where as tight or strained Psoas muscles can be a major cause of lower back or pelvic pain, including hip and groin areas.


Assisted stretching is a wonderful way to help relieve Psoas Strain or tightness, especially when combined with resistance pressure, breathwork and dynamic assisted stretch positions.

For weak Psoas issues of exercise is a key to rehabilitating a strengthened and balanced Psoas, which can help to improve posture and overall health.


The Psoas is structurally the deepest muscle group in your core, attaching from the 12th thoracic vertebrae, your 5th Lumbar vertebrae through to your pelvis and femurs… they are the only muscles which connect your spine to your legs.


The Psoas muscles not only help you to bened your legs, sit, walk and stabilise your spine whilst in movement, they also support your internal organs and work like pumps allowing blood and lymph to be pushed in and out of your cells…. they are also not only vital to your structure but also your psychological, emotional and neurological well being  because of their connection to your breath… often known as the seat of the soul.

A shortened and tightened Psoas muscle often requires stretching and lengthening, where as a weakened or over stretched Psoas muscle may require strengthening with exercise and breathwork.


Breathwork is integral to the treatment of Psoas issues as they are connected by fascia to the diaphragm which has a direct impact on breath and breath has a direct impact on the nervous system and stress states of the body… being fight, freeze or flight response.

All of this has a direct impact on our physiological, emotional, psychological and metaphysical wellbeing.

Massage, assisted stretching, yoga, breathwork and possibly a training schedule through a physio or sports physicist at optimal options for treating Psoas based issues.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this informative little write up on an incredibly important group of muscles for human body function and wellness


much love