Private Massage Mentoring 


Awen Massage Therapy 

“More than just a massage course”


When Strangers become more like family!



What an incredible weekend of incredible high end massage skill development, connection and finding ourselves immersed in the real magic of nature… holding one another with joy, love and deep listening.

Private Massage Mentoring with Awen Massage therapy will not only offer you the development of a highly nurturing full body massage practice, it also offers deeper connection within self, with nature and with others.

This weekend just gone we had deep meditation and breathwork at Sunrise with winter swims… we could hear the dolphins and whales sing underwater.

breathing in the magic and healing of the morning sun and blessed by winter blossom pollen on our pathway out… words simply can’t articulate the magic that was received from one another and nature upon this course.


may your open and full hearts ripple out into the broader community as you share the gift of holistic nurturing touch…. Liberating and creating safe space for all in your path.

Standing in your line of truth you all make this world a brighter place… a healing space… your light illuminates and radiates… I love you all dearly.

For anyone interested in our private mentoring options we offer such training and experience for up to groups of 6 at $1065 per head for 3 days of training to your specifications.

with two amazing accommodation options available also.

If you or your team are interested in Private Mentoring with Awen Massage therapy simply connect via email directly to Arwen at

And we can create a time and skill set specifically for you