Meridian lines… The bodies Bio energy system


I’ve  long been fascinated with the bodies energy systems…

As most are aware, everything is made up of energy… Some forms are visible and some are not… Well not to most of us (yet) haha I fully believe in our ability to perceive, feel and also see more than we are currently aware of.

A mixture of  adoration of science, martial arts and massage has driven my interest in the physical bodies energy system… AKA ” The Meridian lines”

The Meridian lines are a map of the bodies bio energy lines… Much like the circulatory or lymphatic system, they are a pathway.

Yet The meridian channels are the lines for the bodies energetic delivery system. Along the lines are points sometimes referred to as trigger points or pressure points.  These points can become extremely tender, congested or perhaps even weakened. Each line is related to the bodies organs and also emotional currents.

I won’t bombard you all with excessive detail. The long and the short of it is , having clear meridian lines and points brings fantastic balance, pain relief and energy flow back into your physical and also metaphysical system.

Acupuncturists, Shiatsu therapists and Qi gong practitioners are amongst those who work with the meridian system.  Oh and so do We as Ka Huna and Lomi Lomi therapists.

As some of you know I often incorporate the opening of meridian channels and the release of meridian pressure points into my sessions.  As I find it really aides in opening up the energetic flow and also releasing muscular tension not to mention the benefits of the pain relief associated…. This is why I rave about acupuncture at times.

The clearing of these lines can bring real physiological relief, emotional relief and energetic release. We often the the focus and intention of unconditional love to complete our sessions by refilling the temple of the body with nurturing and energy flow.

I’ve included an image below.

I am a massive advocate of self help and self healing. I mean it’s best to see a therapist if possible but let’s face it… We don’t all make the time and we don’t all have the money. I would highly recommend occasional visits to a practitioner at least if you can. And then remember you can also help with your own practices.

Qi gong is an amazing self practice for the meridian lines. You can join a class with instruction or even find some clips in YouTube to get you started.

Breath work is a powerful tool, breathing deeply into the lower belly and out for the count of 6 seconds each way can effectively relieve the nervous system which will help maintain energy levels and balance.

Exercise and movement is imperative as well as good nutrition.

Also the diagram below shows the meridian pathways … Well some.

You can simply trace these lines or even visualise the energy flowing through them during a meditation to help keep them energised and clear. These practices will bring a lot of balance back into your emotional and physical life. When you find a tender point along a meridian line. Chances are you have found a pressure point. When sore they are generally activated in some way and can cause pain,tension and imbalance. Firmly pressin the point and breathing… Feeling the release  of the point on exhalation.  You can honestly feel the tension dissolve under your finger tips. A lot comes down to the location of the point through pressure, the exhalation of breath and simultaneously a conscious release of the point.

Its effectively you healing yourself… Opening up your energy pathways  and becoming aware of the flow throughout your system.

I often witness fantastic results of clients taking note of the energy currents running through them after we have had an epic meridian massage session.  And the addition of a meditation on the end of a massage really brings that Awarness in. Being completely present within your body during such a simultaneously relaxed and energised state can be profound.

So listen to how it feels….see if you can sense the flow …

Oh on a mental note, I always recommend energising your hands prior to working on yourself ( you’ll recieve more benefit) this can be done through conscious visualisation of energy flowing out through the hands or even through friction or exercise. Dancing is a great one ha ha… But honestly a heart to hand meditation works wonders.

I hope this info reaches, helps and possibly even inspires a few

Much love Arwen