I often discover that quite a few people seem rather low in magnesium.

The benefits of Magnesium wether taken orally ,  soaked in or applied topically  are amazing.

For years I have taken a magnesium, zinc and B6 supplement called ZMA. It’s fantastic… Developed for muscle tissue repair, which it is wonderful for, especially if exercising on a regular basis. It was also discovered to have some very handy “side affects”

1: It helps you sleep ( it really does, ZMA has had a profound affect on my sleep ,and dream state. I often have more visual and sometimes lucid dreams while on ZMA.

2:  Apparently it is very handy at balancing and sometimes elevating testosterone in me ( haven’t had these affects myself thank goodness ha ha)

3: Most importantly… Muscle tissue recovery. Throughout my life I have had periods of intense physical training.. After hitting the 30+ mark, I found my muscle tissue wasn’t recovering as quickly. Well now it does. And when I don’t take ZMA before bed I really notice the difference. The aches and pains known as “Doms” comes back and my recovery and muscle development slows down.

can be usually found in most supplement stores. The body building stores often have it.

Floating/ soaking


Anyone who knows me well knows “I love floating”

And we are so lucky to have floatation tanks locally in Newcastle

Floating is an amazing and wonderful way to recovery muscle tissue, relax the body and mind whilst also giving yourself an amazing boost of Magnesium.

I highly recommend checking out flotation therapy and The Newcastle float centre.

heres the Newcastle float centre number, just because I happen to have it in my phone

Ph:02 4951 4973

Located at 27 Tyrell st , Wallsend NSW

I am a big fan

Magnesium oil & 2 simple methods of making it


After a wonderful friend ( thank you Karlie) mentioned a super simple way for me to make magnesium oil ( To help with my sons cramping legs)

I straight away went home and made some. So simple and affective. Than I began researching and also found a 2nd water based and very affect formula as well.

Oil based magnesium oil

Simply buy a bag of magnesium flakes (these can be found in most health food shops). Then place a good handful of flakes into a glass jar, fill the jar with oil, I use either coconut or sweet almond oil. However I’m sure any oil will do. But stick to a skin friendly one. Simply let the flakes and oil soak, I give it a good stir before using the oil and continue to use from the same jar for quite a while.

Water based magnesium oil

Funny fact: magnesium oil isn’t actually an oil.. The name comes from the oily feel that the magnesium chloride in the water . The magnesium flakes themselves seem to weep an oil like substance.

so easy

Add about half a cup of magnesium flakes to half a cup of water. Bring to the boil until the magnesium flakes are dissolved.

General info and benefits of magnesium 

Allow to cool and a good way of application is to put this mixture into a spray bottle.

Magnesium chloride is actually absorbed more readily through topical application directly on the the skin and it’s safe for children.

I myself have found this so beneficial for aching feet, legs, neck and also the “growing pains” of my children.

Pinpoint Benefits

There really are so many , I’m not sure I’d even know let alone be able to list them all. But here is what I’ve found

  • Aides significantly with sleep
  • Eases muscle tissue pain and cramps
  • Brings calmness and reduces nervous anxiety
  • Eases and can get rid of headaches
  • Has also been linked with aiding in recovery / maintainence. or prevention of loads of other issues such as fibromyalgia , osteoporosis , depression and even linked toward cancer prevention.

Needless to say … I highly recommend making sure your magnesium levels are at a healthy range. The best place to make sure we are getting enough magnesium in our systems is through our food. Diet is so very important. Yet so is the quality of our food. Quite often the soil our veggies etc are being grown in can be leached of important vitamins, minerals and salts. Magnesium is amongst them.

Here are a few foods high in magnesium. Yet I’d also advise a supplement or oil to boot!


I have a rule of thumb that most green and leafy things are high in magnesium. Also

here are a few ?

  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Avacados
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Leafy greens
  • bananas
  • yoghurt
  • And yummy yummy dark chocolate.