Our mighty Lymphatic system… Warrior like T cells & some tips on making them strong and effective


Oh how I love the lymphatic system… Well we all should really… It keeps us alive and healthy. A drainage system for cleansing our bodies of toxins and diseased cells etc.

The growth place of our super awesome and rather warrior like T cells The cells that get released into our system at the hint of a viral infection or cancerous cell. Distributed from our lymph nodes and out into our blood stream like little soldiers directed by helper cells to find the diseased or cancerous cell… They quite literally hunt down, kill and eat the nasty pasties in our system and return it to lymphatic fluid waste , where  it is then dispersed by our body as waste product.

Keeping this as short and concise as possible.

The lymphatic system can become over laden with toxins, infections, stress etc. and as it is a slow moving system without a heart like pump that our circulatory system has… This can result in the lymphatic system become sluggish or even blocked.

Long story short, if your diet is crap, your environment or skin care products heavy  in toxins or chemicals, high stress, lack of movement or exercise or if you’ve caught a virus , or potentially even have a genetic likely hood of cancerous genes… Your system can become overwhelmed. And it’s when our lymphatic system becomes overwhelmed that the nasty cells get into our blood stream and quite literally make us sick.

So in an overall health outlook I’ve created this shorts article with a few ideas on ways to help , cleanse and even stimulate our lymphatic systems towards optimal health.

Im keeping this simple and highly recommend taking this information on board and looking into it further yourself


Foods, Herbs and detox for Lymphatic cleansing


Its much the same as all general health information. I recommend looking into herbal teas. For detoxing and also reduction of inflammation .

Some things to Avoid

  • Avoid pesticides , preservatives and chemicals as much as possible.
  • Steer clear of junk foods and trans fats. Deep fried , overly processed and packaged foods are often filled with crap that can weigh your system down.
  • medications,  some skin care products  and things like deodorants or bug sprays are often absorbed through the skin into our lymphatic system.

The thing is, if our body is busy fighting all this excess garbage in our system it often can be run down, fatigued and in a state of stress. So when a virus Or some other diseased or disrupted cell shows up… Our killer T cells are busy, run down and just like us can become overwhelmed.  Then bam… We get sick!

Now… What we should eat and drink

  • Plenty of raw foods free of chemical sprays and pesticides. Local and organic is best
  • Greens, veggies, seeds, nuts and fruits.
  • Choose lean meats
  • fish is brilliant.
  • Herbs like echinacea , astralgus, turmeric and Devils claw are awesome
  • Essential oils … Grapefruit, frankincense and even peppermint oil. Be sure to check  your product prior to ingestion. Some quality oils are I ingestible  in small quantities diluted. However they can be harmful if not the right contingency for ingestion. Know your product!
  • water water water…. Drinking plenty of water is of the utmost importance. And often I’ll add lemon or even a dash of apple cider vinegar. I always recommend my clients drink lemon water after an intense lymphatic massage session. Just to help the body flush the toxins.


Things we can do to cleanse or bolster our lymphatic system


  • Exercise and movement… This is imperative. Our lymphatic system hasn’t got a pump like our amazing circulatory system. The movement of fluid is generated and increased by our own movement and breath.
  • Inversions… Anything that can help get you upside down… Whether it’s as simple as elevating your legs supported against a wall or as fancy as hand stands , headstands and other yoga inversions. Even simple elevating your legs can help significantly. This helps to flush the lymph fluid back toward the heart and aides in processing the toxins and waste. So get upside down  or your feet up when you can.


  • skin dry brushing… This is done with a sift bristle brush, gently brushing the skin in long flowing strokes… Always go toward the heart.  The skin being our largest organ… Healthy skin = healthy body. On that note be mindful of what products, perfumes and deodorants you use also.


  • massage… Lymphatic massage and lymphatic drainage are an amazing, fast and effective way to aide cleansing and bolstering your immune system. Often lymphatic massage results in heightened energy levels and general wellbeing. I’ve seen it aide health, remedy sleeping disorders, give extra energy , reduces inflammation and fluid weight. I’ve also had first hand experience of lymphatic massage helping people to recover and cycle off of medications like anti depressants etc. it’s a very cleansing and healing practice. Truly I believe any massage is beneficial to the lymphatic system… It’s all about getting the fluid moving.
  • Hara stomach massage and looking after the digestive system with regular bowel cleanse detox or even colonics. Keeping our insides clean … High fibre and lots of greens are good for this. As well as good belly breathing techniques.  We are even lucky enough to have Master Yang comes occasionally to port Stephens. He teaches amazing yoga techniques that are fantastic  for digestive, lymphatic and circulatory health. His breath work is phenomenal.  Contact Nikki at Yoagasphere.com for details and bookings. Or he can be found via Caligraphy yoga on Facebook.

image love your antioxidants


I hope this article brings a little awareness and even perhaps inspires a few people to think about ‘how we treat the warriors in our bodies… Those precious cells that keep us healthy… Are we giving them the best environment to work from?’

Prevention is always better than cure.

Cancer In particular can also thrive off of good food and a healthy system. So it’s imperative that we give our T cells a good starting ground so they can defeat the cells before they take hold.

Thats why they use radiation therapy to kill cancer. Because once it’s in… Unfortunately it loves a healthy diet also. So eat clean.. Move lots and give your lymphatic system the support it needs to do its job,.. Keeping you healthy and alive

Big love people