Aloha beautiful beings

Most of you know I’ve been away accomplishing extensive Lomi Lomi massage training. Not only have I been away working with this absolutely gorgeous massage amongst an incredible group of loving and inspirational people. I also have attained my instructors certificate. Yep, that’s right I’m going to also be teaching this delightful massage, which is far far more than just a massage.

So ” what is Lomi Lomi massage” is a question I often get asked.

Lomi Lomi is a gorgeous heart connection style massage that is taught in pure form, learnt directly from Hawaiin Huna Therapists. Passed down to my teacher and mentor Mette Sorenson with the blessing for her students to be able to pass this incredibly healing art down in its pure form.

Lomi Lomi is an in depth and intention based massage which is deeply loving and healing. Performed predominantly with the hands “an extension of our heart”  Lomi Lomi brings the the body , mind and soul into a deeply relaxed state, a perfect state for self healing. Whilst also opening up meridian lines – energetic pathways up and down the full length of the body. A full body lymphatic system massage which also stimulates superb immune system health and a wonderful aide in a full body detox. Lomi Lomi also contains one of the most amazing harra / belly massages I’ve experienced. Leaving my internal organs feeling cleansed and completely revitalised. Softened and healthy beyond all means.

Im so looking forward to not only sharing and giving this massage but also super excited to be opening up opportunity for those of you who are interested to learn how to give this massage. You will be accredited by Mettes institute and Heartworks, able to practice this massage not only on your loved ones but also a clientele base. A legit skill. And a loving and ultimately healing experience to be able to share with your loved ones.

The depth and intention of this massage is profound. Meditation, healthy eating, exercise and thought patterns are also going to be an integral part of my program. This massage is completely sacred and a true extension of the heart and I feel a pure reverence and completely honoured to be blessed and welcomed into the Heartworks Ohana.

I can’t wait to share this love with you all

I would like to also say a massive Mahalo to the Huna of Hawaii for the humbling honour to be able to practice and also continue to pass down this exquisite healing art.  Keeping this beautiful and soul healing ancient practice alive. My gratitude and love for the teachings you have allowed to be passed down. I will honour your ways and beautiful philosophies. Keeping the teaching as true to form as I can.

Mahalo and much love