kahuna massageAbout Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage is based on the ancient Hawaiian and islander practice of Healing through massage and lifestyle.

This remarkable style of massage is an epic journey of balancing and connecting the body, mind and spirit. The lifestyle entails much more yet the base is to practice everything with Aloha (unconditional love) and gratitude.

With its long, flowing,firm and rhythmic strokes, a Lomi Lomi  massage brings relaxation to your mind and body. It balances the body’s energies and brings a sense of calm and harmony to the receiver and the giver alike.

The Ka Huna ( Ancient Wisdom)  approach combines the benefits of a full body relaxation massage with a complete body energy balancing.

My massage room is a sacred space, a warm, clean and calming environment filled with relaxing music and the subtle scent of oils and sage from daily energetic cleansing and blessing of the space. It is the perfect comforting environment in which you can be completely at ease.

In Lomi Lomi  massage we listen to the body, environment and heart. Lomi Lomi helps you to find the quiet time to reflect on what your mind, body and soul need to make their own wise decisions.

Every Lomi Lomi massage  session is different as it focuses on the specific needs of the client. However in general you will find that it includes:

  • Full body muscle relaxation massage.
  • Body alignment and stretching.
  • Lymphatic massage, reflexology, sinus and face massage.
  • Deep tissue, meridian line and trigger point release
  • Energy work/balancing, chakra healing, breath work and affirmation.
  • Guided and assisted meditation.

It can be used for a wide range of conditions including muscle tension and soreness (in particular necks, backs and legs), low energy levels and fatigue, depression, anxiety and emotional balancing.

Teaching and giving Lomi Lomi massage is my passion and lifestyle, a way of being in connection with all that is. With training on breathwork, footwork, massage techniques and ultimate focus on the Aloha spirit to bring love, gratitude and balance to our sessions and our lives. We learn and develop ways to bring consistent beautiful, positive energy to our clients in the form of an amazing massage without becoming burnt out or depleted ourselves.

“ Such a wonderful instruction that is full of incredible techniques, knowledge, wisdom and love. Awen made me feel comfortable + confident in perfecting Lomi Lomi whilst also giving a really amazing understanding of the history/philosophy of Lomi Lomi. Loved the Retreat, loved the accommodation, loved the company and Loved the incredibly healthy yet delicious food”

-Melissa Barnard

On our courses and retreats we help practitioners to develop their skills sets and reignite their passion for massage in a way that ripples out positive effects into all areas of their life.

Including healthy diet, positive programming of our psyche, movement, meditation, breathwork and connection to a community of heart centred folk all on a path of self development…

oooeeee we love with full open hearts


And can’t wait to meet you


with much love from Awen and the team


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Massive credit to the beautiful Mette Sorensen whom developed many training programs that have opened the doorways for us to be able to share this incredible and wholesome content with you.

Big Love to Mette, all her facilitators and all of the Hawaiian teachers and ancestors whom have shared their knowledge with us also.

We are forever grateful