Oh the wonderful Kyanite… I absolutely adore this crystal. I have felt it’s powerful affects and wear a piece of Kyanite most days myself.

Below is a picture of some kyanite pieces I purchased this week… I’m wearing one of them right now. And have sold a few more to some of my wonderful clients.


As most are aware everything has a vibrational frequency… What I’ve found is that the frequency of things/ beings that we interact with also impact or own vibrational frequency… Ive read multitudes of accounts of not only what we consume ( as in food/liquid) but also the environment or company we are in can also affect our energy levels.

So on that note it comes as no surprise that a super high vibrational crystal such as kyanite can in fact be quite uplifting to our very own systems… Info on Kyanite, properties and uses below ?



Above is a rough image of blue Kyanite.  Kyanite does come In a range of colours blue, indigo , green  and black… I’ve even see some yellow and pink looking ones.

Kyanite is a powerful balancer of chakral energies and is fantastic for bringing your energy into alignment.

Not only is it a stunning crystal it also has a remarkably high vibration and is one of the two stones that will not hold negative energy.  It is a powerful clearing stone and superb for brining Qi energy into the body as well as aiding the connections of the meridian lines. It is said that it can also create new energetic pathways.

Personally I find Blue Kyanite superb for clearing my throat chakra. I often wear it while I’m working for this purpose and also the fact that it brings high vibrational energy to the session… At times aiding in intuitive connection and adds a really clear feeling to my empathic sensitivities.

To avoid me trundling along into hippy high vibration land …… I’ll just pin point a few simple and amazing uses and properties for Kyanite

  • Aligns the bodies subtle metaphysical energies (chakras etc)
  • can restore Qi energy to the physical body
  • encourages good communication and empowers speaking ones trurth
  • fantastic for breaking destructive patterns and life cycles
  • used for bridging gaps within the bodies energies eg: meridian lines and also for bridging gaps in communication etc. making it a wonderful stone to have in the workplace or family.
  • aides with fair treatment and integrity
  • blue kyanite is fantastic for the throat chakra (I experience this often myself) wonderful and aiding you with clear intent and communication.
  • a very responsive stone to meditate with and is known for its powers to encourage and elevate levels of intuition and connection to other energies (aka spirit guides /world)
  • I have a tendency to use green kyanite for the heart chakra to help clear and balance. It apparently helps with the ability to deal with the ebb and flow of life
  • green also offers renewal , success in new ventures and good health
  • black kyanite is used for grounding.. Associated with the base chakra.  Can clear blocked energies.  Relieves fears.. Brings protection and strength
  • indigo is all about the third eye baby.. Calling in wisdom, truth and spiritual mastery… This would be a wonderful crystal to meditate with or use during a dream state I think.

I’ll leave it short and simple at that…

Kyanite really is a beautiful and amazing crystal to have in your presence. As it has its own incredible high vibrational frequency and will aid in not only aligning your energy but also dispelling negative energy as it simply won’t retain it.

most other crystals often need cleansing as their energy is affected by their environment. However Kyanite and citrine are the only two crystal I know of that don’t need such cleansing as they transmute the energy.

If you know of any others??? I’d love to hear about them

That’s all for now and I tried to keep that as succinct yet still as informative as possible.

If you have an inquiries please don’t hesitate to ask


And admire this incredibly beautiful piece of kyanite below… Isn’t it just divine ???