KaHuna is more than just a massage, it is a philosophy,  The healing art of love. For both the client and the practitioner.

You see I believe that in this world, we are all here to help each other in some form or other. And I have chosen KaHuna as my path to express that ability within myself.

Through healing myself ( and continuing to learn, grow and heal) I have opened up an ability to be able to help others on the path of their own awareness and self love. It’s not so much me healing you…. It’s us all learning how to heal and better our own lives… I mean think on that… Sometimes another being or event may trigger us into a realisation or awareness of sorts… But it’s us that realise it and us that action it.

I will share the first principle of KaHuna with you today, although it is imperative that you always use your own innate knowledge. You know what is best for you. If you just let go of your internal mind chatter and listen to your heart… The answers are all there. However these principles are great for triggering and supporting real positive realisation and change… Especially the first as it deals directly with your awareness and perception. A perfect place to start.

That is the beginning to reprogramming your subconscious. First we must be aware of what holds us back, aware of what aspects of our own internal chatter we must let go of, in order to make room for the life, love and perspective we want to call into our lives.


“The world is what you think it is”

I adore this concept and have found it intrinsically powerful for bettering my life.

The awarness of our perceptions and how our thoughts, feelings and actions create the world we live in… You see how we view things makes all the difference.  Holding onto fears, judgements and negative patterns creates those things in our life… Simply changing our views and actions can in fact change our world. Sometimes patterns need to be broken and more positive thought patterns and perceptions need to be put in place, in order for us to create a more positive life spiral.

The Zen quote comes to mind ” In order to rise, we must first let go of that which weighs us down”

Simply becoming happy within yourself can transform your entire world.

Life is an exquisite dance … There is of course an ebb and flow, how we perceive and react to that is within our own power.

however programming throughout our youth and our genetic code can make pattern breaking feel hard at times… But hard is part of the journey and sure as heck not impossible.

It all starts with the concept of IKE… Awarness, perception, action…. “The world is what you think it is”