Ahhhh on the mighty Heart…. This incredible magnetic and energetic muscle, organ , energy centre and embodied/radiator of love…. Oh my what an amazing and powerful part of our human bodies you are our beautiful heart.

Im not Hindu, well… I’m uncategorised to be honest. However I do feel the vibrational frequency of the heart. Mine and others, particularly during a massage session.

There are so many philosophies and healing techniques for the amazing heart and from personal experience I have felt the overwhelming love, the pain of heartache, the power of manifestation and the beautiful healing glow and current of love pouring out through my hands from my heart.

I will include a few ideas on stones, food and sound therapy for Heart Chakra healing in this article. However it’s of the uttermost importance that I mention the power of your own intent… Our intention and perception of things has an astounding affect on how we feel, how we behave, what we recieve and also what we give out into the world. When we come straight from a place of the heart…. These things are done with a far more pure intent and seem to be more inline with our soul path or connectivity with the world and all that is. Following the heart may not always be the easiest of paths yet it is often the truest.

oooh yay I love



Emeralds are my favourite of the amazing greens stones that are often used for healing, activation and balancing of heart energy. I’m not sure if it’s because I watched wizard of Oz about a million times or just the sheer fact that the alluring green of an emerald is so mystical and captivating. They truly are magnificent.

More than just magnificent, they also represent success in love. Often used for manifestation. Some use them to manifest success, prosperity or abundance. However like with most stones, particularly while meditating your intent is of utmost importance. Be really clear on your intentions if meditating to manifest with this stone. And I’ve found all manifestation most effective if done purely from the heart.

Emerald is often associated with spiritual Awarness and intuition. Used as a protective stone and auric body balancer or our energy field.  A powerful stone that works in well and for the success of your intention. Serenity and unconditional love are the embodiments and is wonderful to aide the healing of a broken heart.

Find, hold and gaze into the depths of an emerald and feel how it resonates with you. What does it bring to your entire being??? I’d love to know.

Other stones that have wonderful properties for the Heart Chakra healing include

Green jasper, Jade, Beryl, Malachite and at times Rose quartz.

Food for Heart Chakra Healing

Rule of thumb when looking after the heart on either an energetic or cardio vascular level is Green foods, raw foods are great and good oils.

Energetically most raw green foods have the same or similar vibrational frequency as the heart area. On a wellness note, raw unprocessed foods, good oils such as omega oils, flaxseed and mct/coconut  oils are beneficial to heart and general health also.

I do usually include a recipe. However as tastes are varied. Keep it simple and green. A green super juice with kale, green grapes, pineapple and coconut water is easy and delicious.


or if looking for something a little more hardy in the winter months a green curry or broccoli soup are superb. Steer clear of adding dairy based creams and buying fresh is always best.


Check out great green curry recipes on taste.com I always recommend using organic coconut milk as you base. Unsweetened almond and coconut can also turn out delicious and super healthy ?

Below I’ve included a little pic with some green foods to be sure to add or continue having with your diet… A clear heart is a happy heart ?image


Whilst on the subject of vibrational frequency, I can’t go past mentioning sound therapy and toning.

The note often used for heart vibrational sound therapy is the F note.  The sound made for resonating throughout the hearts vibrational area is Ahhhh ( well that’s the sound that resonates naturally from me) and if you hold your hand over your heart area while you heartily laugh AHaHaHa take note and feel the resonation through the your chest. Feel it build with the laughter. This is so contagious and so beneficial for clearing our heart space on many levels. Self toning the F note is also an incredible vibrational experience and as it becomes stronger you feel it begin to radiate throughout your body and even beyond.

I at times use toning and chanting throughout my massage sessions as some of you know. This is never a pre thought out plan. Often while working on an area of the body/being I will feel the vibrational frequency like a current running through me… All I need do is allow the sound to come out. I’ve seen and felt this have amazing healing effects on people and also incorporated into meditation can be rather altered state reaching. And frequency empowering.

The power of sound is so incredible… So play, laugh listen and feel music that brings joy and healing into your heart.

Remember… This is never about anyone else healing you… This is about you listening to what’s within yourself and taking note… Feeling what heals your soul and following that with your heart.

Its one thing to innately know these things, yet I myself have to remember daily to embrace and also practice them. I mean what’s the point of knowing what’s good for us if we don’t utilise it to be the best we can possibly be.

mahalo and much love on your heart healing journeys my loves.

big love