Hawaiian Philosophy – Manawa

Be Here Now

The Hawaiian Philosophy of Manawa is a part of the practice we utilise whilst learning and teaching LomiLomi Massage and Bodywork…It is also really a universal practice of being completely mindful and present… here and now.

Manawa “Now is the moment of power… Be in the present”

I often check in with the Huna principles.
Mostly because I just like what they represent.
A few years ago after some rather large changes and plenty of ups & downs
I began working on embracing this principle of Manawa and also bringing my children into their own mindful States.
It’s so powerful and something I certainly need to practice more of myself.

Such a powerful state of perception to rid self of anxiety, worries, fears and depressed thinking states… For when you’re truly present in the moment… There is no overwhelm and all becomes simple, mindful and just a state of being.
Meditation is superb for encouraging this state of peace.
And Manawa is so powerful for getting things done.
I’m the first to admit that if I don’t do things in the moment.. They build up.. And that my loves leads to overwhelm and all sorts of disaster.

You are not bound by any experience of the past, nor by any perception of the future.  You have the power in the present moment to change limiting beliefs and consciously plant the seeds for a future of your choosing.  As you change your mind you change your experience, and there is no real power outside of you, for all is within.  You are free to the degree that your realise this and act upon it.

So cheers to living in the present moment… “The Power of now”

Embrace the moment and all the beautiful juicy bits of life. ?

Practice the Hawaiian Philosophy- Manawa and watch life , love and all improve.