Great Spirit

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lvl 4


Have you been looking for more movement, fire  and oomph in your massage sessions?

Possibly  been finding that to offer massage consistently can feel fatiguing and exhaustive?

I have created The Great Spirit Massage Course and Retreat Based upon the energising and transformational powers of fire and air and a bringing together of all of the elements.

In this Massage Course you will learn an amazing skill set of Massage, movement, connection to spirit and energy harnessing that will bring so much movement and stretching into your sessions, articulation of joints and limbs on your massage table and also within the movement of your own body.

This 4 day Massage Course and Retreat will bring so much more to an already existing skill set and epic amounts of transformation to your own personal growth and development.

we focus on the physical and metaphysical of exercise , nutrition, elevation of energy levels and clearing of unwanted energies.

Teaching Breathwork, Movement, Massage , assisted stretching and also fire and air yoga sessions. Working with channeling energies of Fire, Air, Dragons, Dragonfly’s and Eagles… Amonsgt any of your own spirit animals that may work within these elements.

This Massage Course & Retreat  will also incorporate meditations, time in nature, exercise , nutritional awareness, building a fire and letting go of things that no longer serve within its transformational flames… a powerful journey of self awareness and adventure through play and connection with Spirit.

Joy, adventure and creative energies uplift us and can bring us into a wonderful state of being… these skills can also be passed on to those we love and even our clients… as therapists we work on self and pass on the goodness to others… This is far more than just a massage course, yet the skill set can bring your practice to new heights.

A dynamic  massage/ bodywork Skill set and incredible opertunity for self growth and empowerment awaits….


Harness the power of  the elements

Great spirit  Lomi Lomi Massage

Lvl 4


When:  Coming soon in 2019

Where: Port Stephens area ( exact location is yet to be confirmed as I like to flow with spirit on selection of the perfect place for the group)

Investment: $950 due a month prior to Course.

Applications: To apply for a position on this Course & Retreat you must contact Arwen directly via email Spaces will be limited to 10.


This Course is Available to all, however applications are necessary as I feel it is important to keep the course safe for all whom attend ,it has been designed based on what my students are asking me for more of…and created from a range of techniques including Ayurvedic , LomiLomi, Ka Huna, Thai, Shiatsu and Sri Lankan Massage techniques.

I highly recommend having attained at least a lvl 1 of Heartworks Lomi Lomi or lvl 1/2 Ka Huna training ( preferably with Mette’s institute)  prior to this course, however all levels are welcome… it’s more about your intentions and what you carry within your heart. The prior learning of flow from these level 1 courses will simply help you greatly.

I  have also created a Turtle Massage Course / Retreat..In which  we delve not only into beautiful Water flow Massage  ( nurturing, flowing and with some underbody moves)  also deep Earth Massage.ohhh yes deep tissue  work… both Elements brought forth with my own spirit turtle guide. Utilising Hot stones, water techniques and many more delightful surprises.

Turtle massage takes you into  nurturing flow and depths of release. There are some Retreat moments where we are actually in the water… so it’s best if no huge fear of water is resent, yet possible we may work through these in a safe manner.

Turtle massage will be added to my calendar soon… it’s really about what calls to you

I have created these sequences based on two of my most prominent spirit guides and it’s been so much fun… showing that fun, creation and progress elevate us.

sooooo excited to share this with you all

Come fly with me along the incredible shores of Port Stephens Peninsula…ascension awaits

Much Love Arwen