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Aloha November…. Woweeee what a month October was, my feet consciously on the ground and wings spread fully open… hearts and minds filled with light.

Loaded to the Brim with Massage Courses that burst our lines of truth and loving hearts wide open…. Expand our senses and breaking free from limited perceptions… with clear, direct and honest communication. A container created through presence and deep listening.


Theres nothing I love more than experiencing peoples conscious awareness expanding as they find themselves aligning even deeper with their own inner truth and knowing.

Learning how to listen deeply to themselves, to nature and the the rhythm of others. It is an absolute honour to be able to hold such a space for people.

Touch, Truth telling and the safe space to do so well, to be heard, seen and held fully… to move through our uncertainty and remember our oneness within ourselves, with each other and with this beautiful Earth…


My word… it sure is much more than just a massage course, not only do we consistently develop some of the most incredible massage therapists around… we hold a profound space of becoming, belonging… an invitation to realise your sovereignty.

October gave us opportunity for two massage courses of our incredible level 2 content, so lovingly embraced and shared by all students and facilitators on course.

Sunrises, sunsets, ceremonies, delicious foods, incredible connections and an absolutely exquisite massage skillset.


See you all rise into your sovereign awareness, truth and service has touched my heart deeply and also gifted me the lessons of our conscious dance through life.

Lomi Lomi massage course


Yes it’s more than a Massage Course , it is a  healing journey… a dance of life, of love and connection.

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With over 200, 5 star reviews on google and many more on socials.. we may be worth checking out as a potential Massage Therapy school and personal development retreat centre for you.


“ I can start by telling you how great Arwen, Bec and Saff are at explaining the essential topics of Lomi Lomi such as anatomy and physiology, massage techniques, proper body mechanics, client communication, and ethics.
Amazing hands-on practice and continuous feedback from Arwen and Bec, such an effective learning method that enrich the experience.

But… that is just the cherry on top !!!!!

What we also gained out of these 3 amazing days was an incredible step forward in our spiritual awakening process, the feeling of belonging and connection, the opening of our hearts by sharing magical moments, to feel loved, cared and listened, connection with nature and the universe. An incredible life lesson impossible to replicate in a different setting.

This is not a “just” massage course, this is a life changing experience, totally priceless.

Cant wait for level 2, 3 and beyond…”

– Rafa Flores ( recent level 2 student on path for level 3 next year )


We have a level one Lomi Lomi Massage Course coming up in November with 3 spaces still available for anyone interested Click here for details 

If what we offer calls you, we would love to have you onboard

Awen & the team


Lomi Lomi massage course

Awen Massage Therapy team left to right: Kasia Awen Bec