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Start your year with a new skillset and deeper connection on our 3 day lvl 1 Massage Course/Retreat

Are you ready for a deeper connection within yourself? Nature & others?
We would like to invite you to come out bush with us and delve deeply into heart expansive connection, conscious healing  of touch through massage and indigenous wisdoms.

Our Retreats are back… with a more connective and affordable bush style option.

Take time to give yourself the gift of new beginnings, new opportunities and a heartfelt step onto a conscious pathway that you can also share with others.

The massage course component will help you develop a skillset of calling in energy through heart opening meditations and an empowering ability to massage with heart, hands and beautiful loving intention. Not only delivering an amazing massage that bolsters the Lymphatic system, helps to clear main meridian lines, completely relaxes and nurtures the entire body, mind and spirit.

The sharing of Indigenous wisdoms and ways will aide in Openning up your line of truth so you can consciously stand in your light, in your power with grace and an ability to share your gifts with family, community and the world.

More now than ever people are requiring connection, awareness, bodywork, physical  touch and emotional support, there is currently a shortage of bodyworkers capable of holding such a profoundly safe and nurturing space such as Lomi Lomi  massage therapy provides.

Our Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy Retreats take you deeper into the practice and also personal growth.

Including: First Nations welcome, Ceremony and connection through the entire retreat. Bush style camping Accommodation , wholesome nourishing food and daily , nature adventures, daily meditation and of course a 90 minute massage sequence, with certification and video incase continued support is required..we will also include you in our online therapist network.


Investment: $1290 for this 3 day Lomi Lomi massage retreat enrolment with a $200 deposit and payment plans available upon discussion with Awen via email: awenconnect@gmail.com

What we offer you to receive:

  • First Nations welcome, smoking ceremony and indigenous wisdom, song and dance.
  • A 90 minute full body Hawaiian massage. Complete with a lvl 1 Lomi Lomi Massage Certification. To practice Lomi Lomi not only on your loved ones but also a clientele base if you choose.
  • An amazing and restorative movement & breathwork meditation. That aides in connecting you with source energy, focus, the power of intention and also generating energy through movement.
  • Movement meditation and daily exercises and adventures.
  • A beautiful heart opening & heart to hands connection meditation.
  • Bush style Accomodation and delicious nourishing food.
  • Give and receive massage daily.
  • Opening of our line of truth to clear our energy pathways in orde to stand more authentically in our truth… in our light.
  • Tim From Girri Girra will share on the spot, whatever is required at the time.


Come join us in this safe, fun and completely judgement free environment, learning skills that can bring more love , mindfulness and joy into your heart, life and the life of those around you.

For more details contact Arwen directly via email: awenconnect@gmail.com

or Via text on Ph: 0457424570





Peats ridge rd, NSW