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Heartworks Lomi Lomi lvl 1

We would like to invite you to  Come  and learn this delightful 90 minute full body massage and much much more.

An absolute delight to both give and recieve.  Heartworks Lomi Lomi lvl 1 massage is known as “The loving hands ” massage for good reason. As the practioner develops a skill set of calling in energy through heart opening meditations and a empowering ability to massage with heart, hands and beautiful loving intention. Not only delivering an amazing massage that bolsters the Lymphatic system, helps to clear main meridian lines, completely relaxes and nurtures the entire body, mind and spirit.

Bringing the client into a full state of peace where ultimate healing can take place. The focus and intention brings  a powerful sense of love and energetic flow from the heart to the hands.

Believe me, much like being able to sense a persons intention towards you in any given situation. This mindfulness brings massage to a whole new level!

Due to the current employment circumstances of many and also the increase of many people requiring bodywork, physical  touch and emotional support and also the fact that there is currently a shortage of physical therapists…

We have decided to open up our offerings of Massage courses as a 3 day massage toolkit option.

Beginning with Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage lvl 1 This December.
In time for those looking for a more diverse and still incurable form of income.

Remaining  2022 Course dates

🌺9am-3pm daily Tuesday 25th of October- Thursday 27th of October 2022.



Where: Leilani Massage Studio, 2/9 Stockton st, Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, Australia.

Investment: Special fee for current collective  circumstances $590 upfront on booking.


What you will learn:

  • A 90 minute Full body Hawaiian massage. Complete with a lvl 1 Lomi Lomi Massage Certification. To practice Lomi Lomi not only on your loved ones but also a clientele base if you choose.
  • An amazing and restorative movement & Breathwork meditation. That aides in connecting you with source energy, focus, the power of intention and also generating energy through movement.
  • Movement meditation and daily exercises and adventures.
  • A beautiful heart opening & heart to hands connection meditation.
  •  We will also touch base on wonderful ancient Hawaiian healing Philosophies for living a more mindfull and purposeful life.
  • Emotional release, self development and positive lifestyle patterns.

Lomi  Lomi  massage and the healing philosophies are an incredibly nurturing and often transformational journey into the art of healing with love, touch, intention and energy flow…

Come join us in this safe, fun and completely judgment free environment, Learning a skill that can bring more love , mindfulness and joy into your heart, life and the life of those around you.

For More details contact Arwen directly via email:

or Via text on Ph: 0457424570

To arrange a telephone consult and book your space.


October 25 @ 9:00 am
March 27, 2023 @ 3:00 pm
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