Heartworks Lomi Lomi Lvl 1 Massage Retreat/Course

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Heartworks Lomi Lomi lvl 1

We would like to invite you to  Come  and learn this delightful 90 minute full body massage and much much more…

An absolute delight to both give and recieve.  Heartworks Lomi Lomi lvl 1 massage is known as “The loving hands ” massage for good reason. As the practioner develops a skill set of calling in energy through heart opening meditations and a empowering ability to massage with heart, hands and beautiful loving intention. Not only delivering an amazing massage that bolsters the Lymphatic system, helps to clear main meridian lines, completely relaxes and nurtures the entire body, mind and spirit… Bringing the client into a full state of peace where ultimate healing can take place. The focus and intention brings  a powerful sense of love and energetic flow from the heart to the hands… And believe me, much like being able to sense a persons intention towards you in any given situation. This mindfulness brings massage to a whole new level!

“So delightfully Healing for Client and Practitioner”

This Course will be complete with gorgeous and character filled accomodation and delicious vegetarian food provided… Any food allergies or requirements will need to be disclosed prior to the start of the course…

And be prepared to learn some wonderful cooking and food preparation methods… as eating well is also an integral  part of self healing!

Lomi Lomi Massage

 What you will learn:

  • A 90 minute Full body Hawaiian massage. Complete with a lvl 1 Lomi Lomi Massage Certification. To practice Lomi Lomi not only on your loved ones but also a clientele base if you choose.
  • An amazing and restorative movement meditation. That aides in connecting you with source energy, focus, the power of intention and also generating energy through movement.
  • Movement meditation and daily exercises and adventures.
  • A beautiful heart opening & heart to hands connection meditation.
  •  We will also touch base on wonderful ancient Hawaiian healing Philosophies for living a more mindfull and purposeful life.
  • emotional release, self development and positive patterns
Lomi  Lomi  massage and the healing philosophies are an incredibly nurturing and often transformational journey into the art of healing with love, touch, intention and energy flow… Come join us in this safe, fun and completely judgment free environment … Learning a skill that can bring love , mindfulness and joy into your life and the life of those around you.

  • Where: beach house  Onemile private coastal retreat, Onemile, Anna Bay, Port Stephens, NSW … located on an amazing stretch of coastline and  Near the areas most popular beach, also a short distance from our short Bushwalk  national park to another more secluded Beach. Click here to view the accomodation 
  • When & Time: Start  November 17th at 3pm -November 20 4pm 2020 Pick up for anyone flying into Newcastle airport can be arranged.
  • The Investment/price: Live in (All accommodation and food provided) $1100  which is due two weeks prior to course date. Incredible value for training, accreditation, accommodation, delicious food and an amazing experience that often creates beautiful ongoing friendships and networks.


Applications must be sent directly to Arwen at arwenscentreofbalance@outlook.com
All of our courses are subject to application as it is imperative for the safety and quality of the group… it is all about heart, so don’t talk yourself out of being worthy and contact Arwen directly to apply.

As Arwen can be quite busy and at times offline, if you have difficulty reaching her please text her on Ph: 0457424570

What to bring and do in preparation:

  • I advise all people taking part, detox for at least 3 days prior to course. Eliminating sugar, caffeine and alcohol Fromm their diet. This will minimize headache whist increasing your cleanse and learning capabilities.
  • comfy clothes for massaging in
  • 2 Sarongs
  • A water bottle and a smile 🙂
  • Swimmers & 2 towels
  • Any special dietary requirements
  • Your beautiful self and an intention to learn with heart, mind & body.
  • and of course any clothing you feel you require for the 3 days
  • something to share (perhaps a small gift or song or poem or even a tale… or cake hahaha I hear the teacher loves cake )

We will be providing delicious and super healthy food &  fruit for the duration of the course. It is important to drink plenty of water as the massage really flushes and detoxes the lymphatic system. It is also highly advised that you detox prior to the course to avoid headaches and other detox symptoms during. As this will give you the best head start to learning and enjoying as much as possible… Making the most of this beautiful experience. Detox is best to be started 2 days prior to course. Simply cutting out Alcohol, Sugar and Coffee Will be a good start.

We are looking forward to meeting the amazing people who will come on this exquisite journey of massage , mindfulness  and respect of each other our amazing world and all that is.

Love truly is the greatest healer… And that always starts with ourselves.

With gratitude I would like to thank Mette Sorensen, the Hawaiians, Polynesians and all practioners/ Teachers who have passed down the blessings for me to not only practice the arts of Lomi Lomi & Ka Huna massage but also teach Lomi Lomi Massage as well.

Living better, Loving better and rising together”

Much love


Coming soon

in 2019 Great Spirit Lomi Lomi Massage  Lvl 4. Find out more


We offer training, mentoring, courses and retreats in Heartworks Lomi Lomi and Ka Huna Bodywork/ Massage. Bodywork & massage sessions are also available.

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