Deep Earth Ka Huna Lomi Lomi Massage Toolkit & Retreat

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 Deep Earth Ka Huna/ Lomi Lomi Massage Toolkit & Retreat

ooooooaaaaaaaahhhh Pachamama

We go deeper in every way…Deeper into massage… Deep body work for physical, emotional and metaphysical release, Deeper into personal development. Deep cleansing and healing.

Deeper into our tools and strengths from Mother Earth herself… bringing a strong foundation to your skill set and connection to the great mumma Earth!!!

The massage skill sets will include body clay, hot stone massage techniques, and slow deep muscular relief with thumbs, Hands, elbows and at times knees.

beautifully grounding, healing and releasing.

The lodge style accommodation will keep this course affordable and yet there is so so much healing that comes with this sacred location and her offerings.

The rounded Earth Lodge is also known as a  sweat lodge and symbolizes the womb of the earth mothers and grandmothers, placed inside at the center of the lodge are  the heated stones that represent her body, and all that supports life, water is poured upon them to create steam
The earth lodge is a traditional ceremony of purification and healing of body mind heart and soul.
The ceremony proper is based upon the Australian idiom as we journey together through the cycles and seasons of nature and connect to the web of being.
The lodge and the ceremonial leader facilitates the journey, bringing self-directed guidance to the individual to help bring direction and insight into one’s life. This ceremony is both challenging and rewarding as the journey begins to open the true path of your heart.
After our journey, we will sit together and share food and stories.

Not for the faint of Heart… This 3 day Retreat/ Massage Course will bring great cleansing & strength to body, mind and spirit.

  • Where: Earth Lodge, Somerset NSW. A more detailed description and address will be given upon deposit. As this is sacred healing ground and private lodge.
  • When: 10am start Friday 9th of November er- 5pm Sunday 11th of November.
  • Investment: $590 a once off introductory offer.


Applications for all courses are to be sent directly to Arwen via email :


We offer training, mentoring, courses and retreats in Heartworks Lomi Lomi and Ka Huna Bodywork/ Massage. Bodywork & massage sessions are also available.

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