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Mentalisation “We all know how much I love and live in the heart, yet let’s not forget the purpose and power of a mind utilised well” With so many folk currently experiencing an awareness of their trauma responses, particularly around things like relationships. I can’t help but feel it is really important that we realise [...]


Somatic healing with massage

Somatic healing with massage A little while ago I got on my own massage table for two private mentoring students to practice their developing massage skills on me. As I felt so safe and comfortable with them and within the space, my body went into somatic healing of trauma through uncontrollable shaking and jolting etc. [...]

Somatic healing with massage2022-05-21T07:25:14+10:00

Private Massage Mentoring

Private Massage Mentoring Whether you’re new to massage, an experienced practitioner or a day spa owner looking  for team training & skill set development. Our Private Massage Mentoring is a perfect place to start as well as continue your personal/professional/team growth.   The benefits of choosing to train privately with Awen Massage Therapy go above [...]

Private Massage Mentoring2022-02-26T14:52:07+11:00

Relieving Lower back and hip pain with Psoas release

Relieving Lower back and hip pain with Psoas release   The Psoas Muscles are the primary connector muscles between your torso and legs... making all general movement possible, whether it be walking, sitting, playing sports or even just standing un assisted. The Psoas muscle affects your posture and stabilises your spine. Weak Psoas muscles can [...]

Relieving Lower back and hip pain with Psoas release2020-11-03T16:45:48+11:00

Mother’s Day Hawaiian Massage voucher

Would your mum love a 1.5 hour Hawaiian massage ? The soul nurturing, emotion balancing and body releasing Full body massage we offer at Awen Massage therapy is opening back up just after mother’s day... so it’s perfect timing to get your mum the gift that can bring her into such a deeply love filled [...]

Mother’s Day Hawaiian Massage voucher2020-05-02T13:05:22+10:00

Win a Lomi Lomi Massage Retreat valued at $950

  Win a Lomi Lomi Massage Retreat  We are offering you the opportunity to Win a Lomi Lomi Massage Retreat. This Course will be complete with gorgeous coastal  accomodation and delicious vegetarian food provided. Any food allergies or requirements will need to be disclosed prior to the start of the course. Be prepared to learn [...]

Win a Lomi Lomi Massage Retreat valued at $9502019-05-02T15:07:21+10:00

Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage 5 day training course over 5 weeks

  Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage 5 Day Training Course over 5 Weeks We invite you to join the wonderful the journey of Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage Training, Professional and Personal Development. This ancient Hawaiian massage style is passed down from the lineage of  Sherman Detruit, also known as Ram Dass. A massage of exquisite skill [...]

Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage 5 day training course over 5 weeks2019-04-25T15:11:46+10:00

A Smoking Ceremony on Friday 13th

  Oooo ahhhh Murbah ,  Biraban,  Waagane For me, Friday the 13th Started like any other day. Cleanining, sorting kids, getting ready for my sessions that day. Yet there were plans afoot , carried by the winds and spirit to an Elder of the Worimi people. “ I heard it on the wind and felt [...]

A Smoking Ceremony on Friday 13th2018-07-15T06:56:37+10:00

Hawaiian Philosophy – Manawa

Hawaiian Philosophy - Manawa Be Here Now The Hawaiian Philosophy of Manawa is a part of the practice we utilise whilst learning and teaching LomiLomi Massage and Bodywork...It is also really a universal practice of being completely mindful and present... here and now. Manawa "Now is the moment of power... Be in the present" I [...]

Hawaiian Philosophy – Manawa2018-07-11T19:23:12+10:00


We offer training, mentoring, courses and retreats in Heartworks Lomi Lomi and Ka Huna Bodywork/ Massage. Bodywork & massage sessions are also available.

Upcoming Retreats

  1. Private Massage Mentoring & Development

    February 24, 2022 @ 8:00 am - February 26, 2023 @ 5:00 pm
  2. Deep tissue hip release and stretch 1 day work shop

    June 27 @ 9:30 am - September 26 @ 2:30 pm
  3. Deep Earth Massage level 3 Short course

    July 5 @ 10:00 am - July 7 @ 6:00 pm
  4. Four Hands Lomilomi Massage 1 day workshop

    August 29 @ 9:30 am - 2:30 pm
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