Oooo ahhhh Murbah ,  Biraban,  Waagane

For me, Friday the 13th Started like any other day.

Cleanining, sorting kids, getting ready for my sessions that day.

Yet there were plans afoot , carried by the winds and spirit to an Elder of the Worimi people. “ I heard it on the wind and felt it in my belly” he said to me later that evening….

For once, I finally answered my phone. Ha ha ha

The man on the other end of the line said “ can you come out to sacred ground tonight… Uncle called and Is ready to come if you are”

With a million things on my mind and gazillion duties upon my plate … I simply put all aside and said “yes, it’s tonight or not for a while, this afternoon is the only time I can”.

After work and with my kids in tow…. We head out to Sacred land.

But by geez I did not know what was in store.

I am no Elder of the Worimi people so feel I can only share a certain amount of the experience as they are sacred knowledge holders of the people.

With open heart, open eyes and open mind, I meet Uncle whom seems to know me yet this is for the very first time that I am aware anyhow.

He speaks to me in Worimi and the language is so beautiful I stand and listen. Then silence as he searches my face, staring deeply into my eyes and far beyond what normal folk can see. Then we hug … laughter rising up from deep with our bellies… a deep deep laughter that seemed to come from within the bones…. joyousness , lighthearted yet strong. “ I see you “ he says “ you’ve been waiting a long time”

My body Shaking and trembling as it does when I encounter such beings…a vibration of sorts running through every cell of my body. Somehow I also know more… yet it’s not my place to say. Yet here we are… both strong…with open hearts and joy … no matter the weights of the world… it is alll stripped away.

Then bam, it always makes me smile how us connected folk can have deep intense often spiritual moments and just shift straight back into “normalcy” (what is normal anyway right) “ Get your cup of tea there mate , it’s gettin’ cold “ The ol fella says to me. “ we’ve got some business to take care of as the sun sets”!

Drinking my tea I follow, with my two beautiful and somewhat confused children in tow. We walk down towards the fire… and listen to uncle speak of the fire. He speaks of it’s healing capabilities, of the wind, of the water, of the great Mother Earth and how I’m here for connection to the land… to this country…to the people and to the eagle spirit….he knows …and I wonder how he knows….as we listen…the conversation quitens and we gaze into the fire.

I have a thought , a realisation, it’s friday 13th a sacred women’s time , and last year on my families land, where my grandfathers ashes lay I found 13 Eagle feathers. And here Uncle is about to connect me to the great Mother and the eagle spirit… we speak of whales, dolphins, ancient knowledge and ancient ways… I listen… yet I’m always so excited, at times I butt in to share… but he is not like the other elders I’ve met, he laughs and has joy at my sharings.

“Well, better get on with it “ uncle says quite matter of factly.

A short demo on what I am to do… and they begin to create smoke with the gum leaves … I follow the instructions, breathing in the smoke and heat of fire deep… I follow until I’m no longer deliberate… I shift into trance state within a minute… and all else is a blur… but I know I go and go and go until my legs are wobbly , the smoke and fire no longer burn my eyes, lungs nostrils ,lips and the rage and noise from within has died down to a moan…a steady vibration running through me …and Uncle catches me, and holds me on my feet until I become still.

I sit by the fire…a beat of my hands on the earth…music begins to come from within, a song, a chanting of sorts melodic …at times deep and with undulating pitches…Uncle goes and returns with Waagane ( message sticks) he plays them, hands then to me and I know how to play them. A song begins, with our children holding a steady earthen rhythm on either side of me.

We are upon the earth, sitting on the east, facing West , with Fire upon our skin and music flooding out from within… the sun has set … and then quiet falls. It is time to go in.

We learn a little more of spirit travel knowledge I don’t feel is mine to share with the world. Yet I am so grateful for this connection….And my entire being feels strong…like I burned until I can burn no more and finally I am free.

oooo ahhhh Mulligan

what a blessing you have brought upon the winds. Change has taken place.

And we are so so grateful and honoured to be welcome upon this country, this land of the people.

till we meet again uncle, be it on any realm.