Reducing Anxiety & Overwhelm

In a disconnected, distracted and overtly stimulated society


“ Do 3 things a day to keep the overwhelm at bay” they say….

I call bullshit to that!

My focus on point as I enter the day… beginning with teens who are exhausted and slow to get out of bed, I can see the effects of heightened stressors from their educational, extra curricular, sporting and social requirements… not to mention the inescapable draw back onto distractive devices and never ending flow of communications… and we haven’t even started on my day.

A plethora of “ I know where you’re coming from” is the response I receive as I find myself reaching breaking point…  I HAVE TOO MANY TABS OPEN AND CANT TAKE MORE…

Yet pile on more is what everyone does and opening up new projects begins to raise me into a frequency of complete chaos and scatter….’ FUCK’ I think to myself… I can feel it… my focus fractured and splattered across a bunch of opened tabs in my mind and reality as my confusion aided by constant distractions demanding my attention for their own purposes…


I know what to do to flip this…

Much like a computer I move to close down my mind for a little reset… a thousand things or more to do and all I’m going to do is stop.


As the outside world demands more more more from me…

My soul craves for Less Less Less….

And so it begins… the completion on things.

To regain my focus, I close my door, lay down with a pillow under my knees, close my eyes and breathe… Busy mind kicks in “ you need to do this, that and the other… you’re wasting time, blah blah blah ‘ it chatters to me as I reach emotional and psychological breaking point…


”No” I say, no I don’t… I need to stop, find silence and breathe… to allow my fractured mind to come back into stillness, wholeness, wellbeing and focus.

Breathing into my belly… slow..slower.. lower…deeper…

Breathing in and out until the rhythm is continuous and long…


I Finally find the quiet and my frizzled nervous system begins to unwind, my body begins to systematically relax… and my mind has settled into a calm openness once again.


Shifting into a sensation of peace, followed by gratitude at having the tools to calm myself in this way…. I look honestly at my day without the frazzle of overwhelm shifting my anxiety into a panic state.


Now I see clearly, I feel clearly and I can function in a relaxed way whilst observing that I definitely need to simplify my life.


In a world filled with distractions, regulations and  systemic pressure ( particularly financial) as a single mum of sporting teens that runs and owns 2 businesses… I chuckle at myself wandering “ why can’t I keep up”

My line of truth and ability to slow down and observe, serves me well in this moment.

I choose to take the time to observe and draw my focus onto my priorities… this may mean a few projects require completion and close… then so be it.

Im ready to step through the chaos into a new trajectory…. I’m ready to let go!

Instead of being caught up in the chaos of overwhelm, I invite you into stillness, into finding or developing peace within you. So that anytime you require it… peace and calm is there to balance you and allow you to think, speak, see and act clearly.

Move…movement is the pre-curser to stillness.

Let go… you don’t have to do it all.

Breathe … long slow deep belly breaths.

Remember… We are the creators of our reality through sheer will and choice, in any given moment… we can change trajectory as fast as the notion of a new thought!

With Love