“We all know how much I love and live in the heart, yet let’s not forget the purpose and power of a mind utilised well”

With so many folk currently experiencing an awareness of their trauma responses, particularly around things like relationships.

I can’t help but feel it is really important that we realise that even trauma states can be changing.

A sense of security changes so much.

Yet how do we reach a state of secure being if we have been wounded, neglected, violated, suppressed, oppressed or harmed in however many ways are humanly possible.

(It can hijack the nervous system…. Breathe slowly and deeply right there!)

I’ve pondered what’s helping to heal my mind… a lot!

Admittedly I have had some wonderful help from a few magical plants and their patron.

Yet there is more to it also.

Meditation’s and breathwork have helped.

Tao, Hindu and Buddhist philosophy has helped.

Nature has helped.

Diet has helped.

Being able to converse openly, honestly and without fear of judgment has helped.


Yet…. There’s something else and I’m only just beginning to really understand what it is.

It seems to be a form of Mentalisation. An ability to reflect upon and observe one’s own and others psychological and emotional  states, an understanding of inner thought processing and how the cognitive function creates thoughts, words and actions.
A realisation that illusion and delusions within a traumatised state of mind can commonly arise and be experienced as an absolute reality.

At this point we seem to require a certain amount of radical honesty within.

If we can observe such in a state of response rather than reaction, we can also begin to choose to heal our own thought processes… perhaps this takes a certain amount of clarity and willpower, yet it certainly can be achieved.
I am somewhat experiencing such myself.

The further you shift out of the foggy mind of trauma, the deeper you naturally calm the agitated neural pathways… the clearer you begin to experience self and all of those around you.

Moving through one’s own mind is fascinating… realising the universe is mental and connecting with it is mind filter blowing.

Yet how can we see another’s mental processing clearly if we cannot perform a certain amount of Mentalisation, observance and reflection?

And when we can see another’s mental processing, how can we hold a safe and humble enough space for them to begin the process of self realisation and Mentalisation.

For a long time I’ve been predominantly in my heart ♥️ it’s such a lovely space to reside.

Now the mind is being intentionally and Conciousnessly recallebrated.

We don’t have to stay in the old harmful patterns or cycles… we don’t have to live in the fog of trauma trigger and reaction.

Yet feeling safe has played a pivotal point in the shift out of that fog.

I can’t help but question the spreading of fear and agendas.
Wars, viruses, financial and biological warfare.

Or in domestic situation of perpetual and ongoing violence.. being constantly re-traumatised whilst trying to heal is somewhat like giving up alcohol whilst drinking 🤦🏻‍♀️

When we are distracted or in states of fear & distrust it can be far more difficult to see clearly, to respond wholesomely and to love wholeheartedly.

Have you experienced such?

I’d love to hear about your experiences and what you’ve found has helped you?

After all, we are in this together.


A random and personal share


Much love Arwen