I often get asked a lot of questions about the benefits of Ka Huna / Lomi Lomi Massage.

So I’ve popped some down for those of you who are interested in “what Ka Huna and Lomi Lomi Massage massage therapy, can do for you.”

Please keep in mind that this article is published based on actual feedback from my clients.

Kahuna Massage and bodywork

Kahuna Massage and bodywork

Feedback I’ve had from clients on “The effects their sessions with me have had”


Pain Relief and freedom of movement

These Uniqe styles of massage work with the entire body. First we relax the body and the massage gradually becomes firmer and firme, preparing the body for deep work. The depths we reach with this style of massage are incredible as the body opens up and allows us in after forming trust. We also incorporate movement and stretching into the massage which aides in flexibility and increased mobilit. The pain relief is often described to me as lasting around 12 weeks to sometimes a whole year.  Some sufferers of chronic pain or movement issues come in monthly. But most people come in around every 3 months or as needed as the massage is extensive and works on many levels , many layers and alignment of both body and energy.

Heightened energy levels

There can be two main reasons for this, on a physical level the lymphatic massage cleans out our bodies immune filtering system, which in turn increases our wellness and often energy. Like a mini cleanse.

On a more metaphysical level, my intent focus while working on you to increase good energy flow in your system assists in shifting energetic blockages and stimulates the flow of your own amazing energy system. Motion creates energy, which is why KaHuna is often referred to as a dancing massage as we are in continuous motion whilst working with your energetic system.

Relaxation and stress relief:

In the form of a deep calm and completely chilled out sensation ( mentally and physically. The benefits of reaching a deep relaxed state are becoming more well renowned with increased studies on meditation and mindfulness. We reset, recharge , release tensions and anxieties , connect with our own inner being.

This is a state of real healing and also the space where any dormant creativity and magnificence comes to the surface. Intensive studies on the brain show not only a high increase of cognitive function after practicing relaxed states but also it has been a practice through the ages of creative genius… Particularly when working on something remarkable.

Hence Einstein would paddle out into the lake and sit quietly for hours at a time. This aided him in immeasurable ways.

Relaxation is key to happiness, success and health. If you listen to your own internal workings you will feel the benefits of being transcended Into this deep calm state.

Improved clarity and focus:

A wonderful effect of a combination of having reached deep relaxation, a lymphatic cleanse and energy work being done with the intent of clear focus being called in….. It works and I’ve seen amazing results that can last for weeks!

Improved sleeping patterns:

The calm state and full relaxation of the physical and metaphysical body brings our entire system back into a balance of sorts.

I’ve had fantastic reports of not only improved sleeping patterns but also statements such as “ my sleep was deep and calm and I woke up completely energised” .

“ I’ve had nightmares for years, but since the massage I’ve been sleeping the whole night without an issue” .

I’ve also had a number of friends bring babies or children in for sessions, to specifically aide in sleeping pattern improvement.

Reduction of anxiety or nervous tension:

When we train the mind and body to relax… It will do so easier and easier each time, reaching deeper relaxed states and also transferring and being able to reach and maintain relaxed states in our everyday lives (aka mindfulness)

This is a massive aide in warding of dreaded anxiety. A condition I myself have suffered and have managed to bring back under control through KaHuna.

Emotional release:

Our muscle tissue holds memory, quite often from traumatic events, suppressed emotions like sadness, anger, grief, self doubt and sometimes confusion or joy/pleasure, so does our energy system.

When we go through these experiences we have a physical reaction, and if the emotion is held on to (something in our culture we are trained to do from a young age from things like “ don’t cry, toughen up”, “just get over it” or even “shhh don’t say that”.

We learn to hold and store stuff on our insides. When these energetic storages are found and released. The entire systems rejoices in being “free’d.”

People often feel completely lightened, energised and empowered from these sessions.

However, emotional release can take place from a pure relaxation massage also. It may happen during the session or perhaps even afterwards. I always advise to breathe… Breathe it out and if any tears or other emotions come to the surface it is important to let go and release it. Let it come forth and let it go.  My working environment is a completely safe and confidential space for these releases.

When these feelings are shifted from our beings… A weight will probably feel lifted. Sometimes a nap or, swim or some time alone to process may be required.

Embrace how empowering this actually is. “To fly, we must first let go of what holds us down!”

note: deep emotional release sessions are quite painful in the moment, however the results are amazing.

Toxins passing through your system ( Fatigue):

drink plenty of water to flush them out. This happens due to extensive lymphatic system massage and once the toxins are flushed out of your system, not only will you feel amazing, it also improves your immune system function. Helping your body to cleanse itself and fight disease.

T cells are the immune system soldiers of our blood stream. They detect and attack any mutated, diseased or unwell blood cells, fighting issues from the common cold to cancer developing and everything I between. They quite literally eat the other unwell cells and deposit the waste in our lymph nodes for processing. It is when these nodes become overloaded, stressed or infected that we can then become unwell. Clean diet, exercise , massage and breathing are all excellent ways to keep a healthy immune system… Oh and of course relaxation as stress itself can create disease within our systems.

Improved physical mobility and comfort: 

I’ve had lots of clients mention great pain reduction . Everything from pain due to muscle tension, body alignment, inflammation and pains associated with emotional storage.

Of course the obvious is muscle relief as I relax the body prior to going in for deep tissue work, which results in a far more effective impact. If the body is relaxed prior to deep tissue work, not only does the therapist get deeper but also the body responds better by actually releasing the tension rather than clenching it up in pain.

So subsequent sessions truly aide in this. As I teach your body to relax and trust me more and more each time.

Quote from a client  “ after 3 sessions of KaHuna massage my back pain is gone, I couldn’t believe it, I had suffered for severe back pain for years”

The shifting of fluids:

KaHuna is fantastic for detox and also great for shifting bodily fluid retention. It’s a physical and sometimes also emotional part of the process. I’ve had ample people inform me of shifted fluid after their sessions. I also recommend a few dietary advices for people suffering from fluid retention. Feel free to ask me if you have any inquiries. And if anything ever goes beyond my knowledge… I have quite a few professionals in various areas I can also refer too.


Every individual is different as is every massage session.
KaHuna works not only with the physical body, also the metaphysical body. Sometimes with the shifting of energy and the unblocking of Chakras people can experience sensations, such as the feeling of energy flowing throughout ones body, tingling in the hands, feet or even head/face.
The release of years old emotions, as our physical body quite often stores emotional tension and memory in our muscle tissue. Emotional release is incredibly good for our wellbeing, reduction in stresses such as “carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders”
If such a release occurs it is best to breathe it out. You can also drag excess energy out of your own limbs or I even find having a swim or shower helps.

If you have any questions or are even curious about going deeper into emotional release or chakra unblocking, goal setting or breaking ties with with negative impacts in your life please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I will assist you in any way I can as soon as I possibly can.
Our body is an entire system and bringing it into complete balance and harmony can be a process. KaHuna will not only possibly kick start that process ( if you haven’t already)
it will help you continue on a path of self discovery, self empowerment and aide you in finding your own inner strengths … Giving you the space and time necessary for your own thought processes and healing to take place. In your way and in your time.

As mentioned during your consultation, it is recommended that you return for a massage at least once a month if not fortnightly. Why? We live in a fast paced world, mentally we become over-stressed and spiritually we forget who we are and disconnect. This can result in physical and mental pain, tension and dis-ease.

Your Kahuna sessions are an opportunity to stop this fast pace and enter a moment where you can let go, truly feel yourself and harmonize yourself into wholeness. A regular session will empower and support you in being all that you are.

If you have any questions ….please feel free to contact me, otherwise I look forward to seeing you soon.

With Big KaHuna love and hugs ?